Business Intelligence

“A Business Intelligence and Analytics Have Been the Major Priority of Many Businesses”

What is Business Intelligence System?

Business Intelligence System is a technology driven process used to analyze available data and present it as actionable information that would help, corporate executives, business managers, and other end users in taking decisions that are more informed. There are enumerate tools, methodologies and applications using which an organization can collect data from internal as well as external systems and sources to prepare it for analysis, development and to run queries against the data. The result is seen in terms of report generation, data & dashboard visualization and making available those analytical results for corporate decision makers and operational workers.

Business Intelligence Services Offered by UCS Consulting

We are a niche company in the development & business consulting services to help clients define and realign their business strategy and solution architecture. We provide business intelligence applications along with the delivery and management of data warehousing meant to offer tangible benefits to the businesses.

  • By understanding how data is used & consumed by your users, we will build a road-map for data delivery.

  • By using a precise set of Business Intelligence Applications & data visualization tools, we will help you to communicate with the right granularity and User Interface elements.

  • We will implement semantic layers and self-service Business Intelligence solutions to inform future decisions after effectively accessing and warehousing available data.

  • We will use generalization, classification, characterization, clustering, pattern matching & data matching techniques to provide the accurate Business intelligence and analytics outcome.

  • Through effective coordination, we will help you in effective data acquisition, data management & architecture as well as Data Mining/OLAP for effectively optimizes Big Data of your enterprise.

  • We also offer some additional business intelligence services based on our clients requirements like; Business intelligence rationalization and consolidation, Data visualization & analytic application development, Enterprise analytical services, Industry solutions and web analytics, Data warehouse performance improvement, Design and development, Quality assurance and auditing & Data governance.

Business Intelligence Solutions is The Native Playground For UCS Consulting

Business intelligence and analytics is our expertise. Together with our industry knowledge, technical capability, operational excellence, robust global delivery model and strong partnership model, we help our clients with insights to improve their decision-making process.

1 Business Innovation: We focus on quality and integrity; leading you to save an optimum amount on the data warehousing and Business intelligence deployment.

2 Equitable Intelligence: We will help you to build operational efficiency by identifying legitimate opportunities and to optimize return on investment of precise business intelligence services and analytics.

3 Analytics with Optimistic Results: We ensure a complete 360-degree customer view is created for predicting the right business outcomes.

4 Global Delivery & Sourcing: By taking advantage of our robust offshore and outsourcing model, you can utilize our expertise to manage large IT applications to your benefits

5 Impregnable Strategic Alliances: We have a strategic alliance with almost all the leading vendors offering Business intelligence solutions. Our Reporting Services provides the key to your business data. Taking advantage of this, you can choose the best solution fitting your enterprise. We have expertise on the following reporting platforms:

  • BIRT
  • Actuate
  • Crystal Reports
  • Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services