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eCommerce Solutions

Omnichannel- Well Developed eCommerce Solutions Will Help You Unlock Synergies Between Online and Offline Commerce

Since last two decades, the retail industry is in a state of constant evolution and transformation. Globalization, technological developments, acquisition, and mergers have drastically changed the landscape of the retailing industry. Today, connecting with your most important customers, the omni-channel shopper is of utmost priority for the retail industry.

About Omni-Channel

“An omni-channel model is a multichannel approach to sales seeking to offer a seamless and meaningful shopping experience to the consumers, irrelevant of whether the consumer is shopping online using a desktop or a mobile device, by telephone or from the traditional brick and mortar shop”.

Domestically and globally, the omni-channel has revolutionized the retail industry. An omni-channel is a process where retailers embracing online as well as offline interactions with consumers assist them throughout their journey from logging into a buying decision. Starting from search, evaluation to actual sale and after sales support, everything is covered under this assistance.

Forecast for Worldwide Penetration of Digital Buyers (2011 to 2018)

The above graph will give you a brief idea of digital buyer penetration all across the world from 2011 to 2018. In 2013 almost 41.8% global internet users were engaged in purchasing products online, until 2017 the same is expected to reach about 46.4%.

Why & How eCommerce Solutions like Omnichannel Retail Strategy Is Beneficial for You

Usually, small business owners have different channels some are online and some are offline. It does not matter what kind of online presence your business have, what matters is bringing everything under a single omni-channel retail model. No longer the technology is privy to quite a few who used to afford it.

As of now the same technology is accessible and adorable even by smaller merchants, any merchant having an online presence can opt for a single dashboard displaying inventory, sales, and customer information and at the same time can carry out sales online and offline anywhere and at any time.

Consumers have now different channels and a range of tools to research availability, price and also to compare a specific product or brand for completing their purchase order. These days, a number of devices ranging from mobiles, desktops, laptops and tablets are being used by the online consumers always connected to the internet. More often these consumers use third-party websites like online marketplaces, review sites and price comparing engines.

With Reputed eCommerce Services You Get Engaged Omni-Channel Purchase Journey

Awareness: More than 20% consumers shopping online follow brands on social media and also learn about new products through TV advertisement or online.

Research: More than 31% of smartphone users use their devices to shop online and they also access the internet on their devices to find additional information either online or through dedicated apps.

Purchase: About 5 to 10% of spending is made using tablets and a similar amount is spent using mobile thereby completing the purchase whether in store or online.

Fulfillment: Collecting the purchased product, either in the store or having it delivered directly to the home.

Loyalty: Usually, online shoppers have a tendency to engage with the online store or retailers by posting reviews and recommendations online. All you need is a experienced e-commerce consulting company to increase customer loyalty.

Conclusion: By Omni-Channel retailing means engaging customers with the brand rather than with the channel. It is better if all the customers gain full access to all the retailer offers offered through various channels. With the omnichannel model, retailers get an opportunity to achieve broad presence on own as well on the third party website for showcasing their brand. Additionally, they can also display the purchase journey of the online buyer by offering flexible delivery options, either purchased in store or through nonstore channels.

Omni-Channel business model makes it easier to deliver the purchased products using latest technologies like location tracking and consumer tracking. Not adopting the omni-channel model leads to losing out customers, so better hurry now than worry later.

At UCS Consulting we have a strategic initiative to focus on ecommerce industry and cater to the large base of online retailers and consumers. We ensure to serve our clients on all the fronts of eCommerce solutions and omni-channel business model. Every project we developed and implemented has registered sales growth for our clients.